Design Technology 10 (TDJ2O)

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  • Monday February 1st 2016
    • PA Day
  • Tuesday February 2nd, 2016
    • Course Outline
    • Survey Class for Goals and outcomes (industrial/mechanical/architectural/graphical)
    • We strongly recommend the following things for this course:
      • 4GB (min.) flash drive
      • drawing tools (various pencil weights[HB,2B], pencil crayons, compass/protractor)
      • 3-4 sheets of foam-core
    • In 5 minutes, by yourself, come up with a plan for an machine that will allow you to climb a tree.
    • After the 5 minutes are up give exchange paper ideas with your partner.
    • DON'T let them know how yours works - have them figure it out based on your drawing.
    • Is this design?

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