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Summative Evaluation

You are to craft a composition. It is to have a standard form (ABAB, ABBA):

->PRE-CHORUS / RISE / CLIMB - optional
->CHORUS - optional
->PRE-CHORUS / RISE / CLIMB - optional
->PRE-CHORUS / RISE / CLIMB - optional
->CHORUS - optional

For a potential overall level 4 you are:

1) to have lyrics, tips for rhyming patterns
2) to have submitted the music in standard notation,
3) to have sent an electronic recording to me at <james . mcintyre @ o c d s b .c a>
4) performed the piece live (singing is optional)

You need not sing the music yourself, and you can invite other musicians to help you with your piece both on the live performance and the recorded performance. In the end you must have a written copy of the music, with lyrics underneath submitted to me as well as an electronic recording. This composition will be worth more than its predecessors in the blues unit since it is the culmination of theory for the course. This will be a major part of your mark so ensure that you take time to do a good job on it.


  • The piece will be performed live during the last week of class
  • The piece will be recorded using proper music notation along with tab below it using this template sheet
  • The composition will be multi-track recorded on your personal device (phone/tablet etc...). This means you will record your strumming of the song. Then you will record any solo licks and harmonies as well as your turn-arounds as a second track over-top of the first. Alternatively you can "hire" a colleague to help you and single-track record the piece using your phone's built-in recorder. Once recorded it will be emailed/shared/sent to me james . mcintyre @ o c d s b .c a
    • On your Android device I recommend Audition Music Recorder On iOS I recommend GarageBand. Of course you can also record multi-track on Audacity for free on your home PC.
    • At minimum simply use the memo recording function of your phone and do a 1-take of the piece.


Blank piano staff/tab
Correct written notation
-using piano staff&tab
Notation demonstrated superior skills in layout and recording
Notation met expectation and accreditation
There were notation errors, but not sufficiently to make the piece difficult to follow
Notation errors made the piece difficult to follow
Prosody - Composition arrangement
-theory applied
Extremely creative use of theory- represented style very well
Good arrangement of a musical piece with good use of theory components
The arrangement was nearing expectations, but had little style or creativity
Piece was unoriginal and had little to no creativity
Use of technology
-audio file (WAV/MP3)
The composition was extremely well recorded with no time lapses, or no noticeable flaws
The composition was well recorded and while it may have some flaws, they rarely detracted from the piece
The recording had several errors which lead to distracting arrangement
The piece was poorly reproduced and had sufficient flaws in recording to make it difficult to listen to
Live Performance
The piece was played professionally live
The piece was well performed, with few if any errors
The piece was performed adequately, though riddled with errors
The piece was difficult to listen to through errors in reproduction
Use of Time
Used time well during each class period (as shown by observation by teacher, and documentation of progress in journal) with no reminders.
Used time well during most class periods (as shown by observation by teacher, and documentation of progress in journal) with no reminders.
Used time well (as shown by observation by teacher and documentation of progress in journal), but required reminders on one or more occasions to do so.
Used time poorly (as shown by observation by teacher and/or documentation of progress in journal) in spite of several reminders to do so.